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The background video shows land-water amphibious vehicles OF THE PAST, that all ran on fossil fuel and only exist today in the used pre-owned market. Our co-founder has operated, trained, serviced and sold many of these vehicles.


The background video shows land-water amphibious vehicles OF THE PAST, that all ran on fossil fuel and only exist today in the used market.

Join us and help us bring to market the next generation, a NEW family of 

advanced technology high performance patent pending 

Electric Amphibious Vehicles, efficient both, on land and water. 

Driving a vehicle that efficiently shreds through water as easily as on highways—bypassing rush-hour traffic, just relaxing on the river or bay or even saving a life—is nothing short of exhilarating.

At Poseidon AmphibWorks, we understand how climate change will reshape our coastal cities, redefine what it means to explore, travel and how we respond to our most frequent and expensive disasters—flooding.  The Amphibious vehicle market is projected to reach $4.71B by 2027.

Designed to be U.S. DOT Highway & U.S. Coast Guard Legal Hydrofoil Enhanced Amphibious Autocycle. Patent Pending - Above is a computer-generated concept model of our Trident LS-1. Product and its interior and exterior styling is still under development. Wheels are not shown retracted and rear thruster protection panels are not shown.

Our first vehicle, called Trident LS-1, is the amphibious vehicle reimagined— it is being designed to be a “Highway/Marine legal Hydrofoil Enhanced Amphibious Autocycle,” integrating patent pending leaps in electric road vehicles and hydrofoil marine technology to make it a triple threat in transportation, recreation and search and rescue.  This EV (electric vehicle) is designed to be high performance in both water and on land.  Designed from the start to be U.S. highway and U.S. Coast Guard compliant and designed with the safety and reliability features necessary for both land and water.  As a tow vehicle behind an RV, it is “flat-towable“, that is, “towable on its own wheels“, no trailer is required –  This is a unique feature today in the EV industry, and lastly, this vehicle is multi-function and multi-application.

QuantumWorks CorpAmphibious Technologies Design Consulting among other industry leaders are behind this new technology startup.

We welcome the MOU partnership with IMECAR for not only parts, engineering support but European operations. Linkedin post

  • Active stabilized hydrofoils and rudderless differential thrust steering for highest water efficiency (80% lower drag than non-foil e-boats)

  • High performance in both water and on land 

  • Electric powertrains so Zero Emissions

  • AWD, motor per wheel, for increased road efficiency

  • U.S. Highway and U.S. Coast Guard compliant, designed  into the prototype from the start

  • Safety and reliability features necessary for both land and water

  • Flat tow-able – “Switch, Hitch and Go” 

  • Able to use thousands of boat ramps around the world

  • Able to use the worldwide Level 1, 2 and DC Fast Charging network

  • Modular, reconfigurable rear deck allowing multi-function and multi-application, e.g. Camping kit, see lower left pic in collage to left of this text column.

  • For the MSRP, insure a superior value proposition is offered  to the customer.

  • Design Drivers: Maximize useful space per target customers/applications in most compact footprint -> cab forward; Maximize buoyancy within footprint -> Minimize wheel wells and thruster/foil retract volume penalty; Maximize efficiency in both operation modes; Optimize part usage, each should serve more than 2 functions; Minimize part count; Validate rigorously any requirement to be included in vehicle design requirements specification.

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Trident Hydrofoil-Enhanced Amphibious Vehicle Product Family

  • LS-1 is the first of the Trident product family.
  • LS-2 is a Luxury design which includes but not limited to enhanced styling, inclusion of higher performance materials, upgraded seating, creature comforts, enhanced entry/exit, electric convertible top, built-in air compressor, etc.
  • LS-3 Search/Rescue design includes but not limited to higher accessory power, range extender, upgraded modular deck, built-in air compressor, etc.
  • LS-4 Limo Shuttle design includes but not limited to revised seating and enhanced entry/exit features.
  • LS-lite design, a more compact vehicle, includes but not limited to, MORE DYI opportunities for upgrades, less accessories included as standard equipment compared to LS-1.

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